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About Simplicity Home Care

Simplicity Home Care believes in making it comfortable to have care. Our caregivers and staff go through a training, unique to Simplicity, where they are not only taught how to assist their clients with care needs, but also help clients maintain their dignity and independence.

Personal Care & Hygene

Friendly staff provide assistance with dressing, bathing, and toileting.

Companion Care

Compassionate caregivers provide emotional support and activity.

Medication Reminders

Gentle reassurance that medications are taken on time.

Dementia Care

Helping our clients with care needs at every stage of life.

Housekeeping Services

Laundry, kitchen, room cleaning, bed making and general area upkeep

Meal Preparation

Highly trained care staff preparing every nutritious meal.

Transportation Services

Run errands, do shopping, visit doctor visits with the help of a staff member.

Frequently Asked Questions


Most often people don't know where to begin to find care for their loved ones or themselves. Here are what we get asked when considering care:

Services & Fees are available

Customized Plans?
Is there a list for Home Care?
Help at your Home?
How Home Care helps you?

Home Safety

What risks are prevalent at home? Are there other risks of which I am not aware? Will my loved one be safe while at home?

Resident’s Rights,

Do I know the rights of my loved one? How does this affect my loved ones ability to get the best care? Where do I start?

Jeff R.

Simplicity helped us through a difficult situation with my mother who has dementia. They had someone assigned to help us within half a day of signing the contract. This allowed my sister to get some rest, and get back to her job. The staff at Simplicity have been kind, gentle, understanding, flexible and thorough. I recommend them for any of your care needs.

Janet C.

I can't say enough good things about Simplicity. They made sure every caregiver was a good fit & that Mom & I were satisfied. The caregivers were wonderful -- they cared for Mom AND her friends, they kept her involved in life & safe. They were a God-send during an absolutely terrible period in our lives. I highly recommend Simplicity!

Sharron M.

Simplicity home care has the best Care Attendants. They are loving, cheerful and Amazing!

Katie H.

These people are great at working with complicated situations! Great caregivers with great compassion and great management! I felt like they were part of the family and they gave my grandfather the care he needed!

Where to Find Simplicity Home Care

Albuquerque Location

Where to Find Simplicity Home Care

Las Vegas Location

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I would like to welcome you to our office and invite you to become better acquainted with the world of home care and my distinct philosophy.


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